The Power of Reliable Connectivity

Business Profile

As a market-leading business, Symbion is committed to investing in the world’s best technologies, to increase efficiency for its customers and respond to the future demands of Australia’s healthcare landscape.

The company has 10 warehouses located around Australia which coordinate daily deliveries and houses over 17,000 product lines from more than 540 manufacturing partners.

Its beginnings can be traced back over 170 years, to when Francis Hardy Faulding opened his first pharmacy in Adelaide in 1845. Since this time, Symbion has grown to become an integral part of the Australian healthcare system.

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Cel-Fi Solution for a QLD Energy Company

Business Profile

For more than 100 years this Queensland Energy Company has delivered world-class energy products, services and expertise to South-East Queensland homes and businesses.

Business Needs

At this Sunshine coast branch; poor reception, causing call drop outs, have been an issue. The inconsistency of service is having a negative impact on efficiency and a major cause of frustration for the staff. After visiting the site, Powertec certified install, Signal Fox, designed a solution utilising the Cel-Fi GO Stationary Repeater.

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Cellular Connectivity Solution for Major Queensland Energy Retailer

Business Profile

As one of Queensland’s largest energy retailers this company supplies over 2.3 million homes and more than 700,000 retail customers with power every year. Their vision is to ensure secure, affordable and sustainable energy solutions are provided for the community.

The Challenge

Call drop outs are occurring regularly, which is having a negative impact and management needs to rectify this. Austek; a certified Powertec installer was contacted to assess the mobile phone signal issue and design a reliable solution.

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Case Study: Aspley Shopping Centre Cellular Coverage Solution

Business profile

This shopping centre in Aspley is a hidden treasure. Anchored by Coles, Kmart, ALDI, Woolworths and Sunlit Asian Supermarket it offers a calm, community orientated shopping experience.


Every tenant in the shopping centre needed to use wireless EFTPOS machines. The thick concrete construction of the shopping centre was causing the Telstra mobile signal to drop out frequently, despite a Telstra tower in proximity. Due to the lack of mobile signal, EFTPOS machines were unable to operate effectively. This forced tenants to ask customers to make cash payments for their goods. This was not ideal, with most customers unhappy about this inconvenience.

  • Ensure continuous signal is available to all tenants in the building
  • Overcome the thick concrete construction of the shopping centre
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Cel-Fi GO2 released for Vodafone AU and NZ

From January 2019, Vodafone customers in both Australia and New Zealand will be able to purchase the Cel-Fi GO2.

After the successful launch into the Australian market in 2017, the Cel-Fi GO was snapped up by Telstra customers, leaving Vodafone customers wanting.

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GO Into A Government Building

Business Profile & Needs

Typically, newly constructed buildings do not address mobile coverage issues well.  Coverage problems are well reported across the world and cause particular issues around health and safety in areas like basements, car parks and lift wells. 

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Outdoor Mobile Coverage – Lake Elphinstone

Business Profile

Lake Elphinstone is a natural lake within Nebo Shire in the Mackay region of Queensland. Located about 90km west of coastal Mackay, Lake Elphinstone is a family friendly (free) camping site which is popular for fishing, boating, bird watching and even water skiing. It’s a lovely relaxing spot where you are not overrun by pesky midges and mosquitos and even better, no crocodiles!

The good news for all visitors was that mobile coverage was available – the bad news was that you could only access it if you stood in the right place, on your left leg, with the wind blowing in the right direction.  Complaints from campers increased, and the lack of signal was deemed a health and safety issue so the ISAAC Regional Council contacted telecommunications expert TAA Connect to come up with a solution.

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Cel-Fi GO – Understanding How it Works

Travel journalist Andrew Murray from Top Wire Traveller recently purchased a Cel-Fi GO and spent some quality time breaking it down to work out the pros and cons, tips and hints to optimise the unit.  This is a great article for self-installers because it clearly shows you where you can go wrong, and provides you with helpful hints so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Good points to note from the article:

  • It is vital to set up your antennas correctly – not isolating your antennas will mean your unit will not perform well or not perform to its greatest capacity.
  • He also advises how you can use the 4G signal to connect online, by simply flicking a switch on the device (see Switching Coverage)
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Cel-Fi is Moving to WAVE App Registration


What this means for you?
Customers are no longer required to complete the online registration on the Cel-Fi website, however when they receive a Cel-Fi it will require registration using the WAVE App to activate.

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Cel-Fi GO Around Australia

The Gold Coast Malloy family have just returned from their 10 month ‘Big Lap’ around Australia where travellers Craig and Kelly continued to manage their business remotely (with the help of some very competent staff).

While Australia gets a big tick for our amazing outback and culture, we unfortunately have a red cross against us where regional and remote mobile phone coverage is concerned.  So how were the Malloy’s able to get over their communication drawbacks?

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